Jubeat notes

Classes and Songs

There are 18 distinct classes in jubeat: D, C4-C1, B4-B1, A4-A1, S4-S1, and SS. Both class points and class requirements have to be fulfilled. Every class from C4 to S1 gives you new song or marker of your choice – for example, C4-C1 classes give you two songs and two markers, so for C1 classes (and so on) there will be only one choice, which you haven’t chosen so far.

The classes are as follows:

In addition of class “arrival”, there are four songs which will be unlocked when other player has the song and has an “evangelist” title of that song. (They can also be unlocked when you get specific song 1000k points.) The songs are: Evans, Ai no Uta, Crosswind and In Scottish Highlands (commonly abbreviated as ISH). Of them Evans is the most difficult to play, and Crosswind is the most difficult to get EXCELLENT due to its esoteric patterns.

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