Jubeat play log

Jubeat is Konami’s latest arcade music video game, initially released in July 2008 and made available in South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan later. (North American and European release is also planned, with a different name: UBeat.) The next version, Jubeat ripples is made available in Asia region in August 2009, and the latest version Jubeat knit is released in July 2010 (of which some songs are pre-released as Jubeat ripples APPEND only in Japan in March 2010). Jubeat’s catch phrase is the next generation music video game with new sense (roughly translated), but to be honest, it is actually a hardcore Whac-A-Mole disguised as a music video game. :p

The following is my (Kang Seonghoon’s) play log of Jubeat, since 2009-06-13 (all date in KST, i.e. UTC+9). Next to the date there is the number of total credits (one credit costs 500 won, about 0.40 USD), class points, total best score (TBS, ripples and later), number of CLEARED, FULL COMBOs (only if needed) & EXCELLENTs (since 2009-11-13) at that time, and jubility value (knit only). My player name for knit is FLUEGEL.

See Jubeat notes, Jubeat ripples notes and Jubeat knit notes too.

Ending Remarks

(As the log is ordered reverse chronically, this note should come first.)

This page was written years before JubeatInfo became available. So the following logs are mostly of historical interest; see here for the current records. Still, for fun, I’m going to add this final entry:

2012-07-31 [428(1584 lifetime), 1056951pt, 629267858(-6732142), 636/597(-39)/70, 8.56] – FULL COMBOs for every pattern up to level 6. Got at least S rating on every pattern but one (AIR RAID FROM THA UNDAGROUND EXTREME). Seems to have 620–635 NO GRAYs and 140–159 ALL YELLOWs (the exact count is uncertain).

See? Two years of time and more than 700 USD did pay off. Not that much, however.

Knit Log

2010-10-08 [182, 502648pt, 544685769(-7314231), 552/510(-42)/34, 7.91] – Got EXCELLENT in only my railgun ADVANCED; improved Jyounetsu Tairiku EXTREME by 20k points (970k) and also FULL COMBOed it; got 100th ALL YELLOW.

2010-10-05 [169, 477212pt, 544542404(-7457596), 552/505(-47)/31, 7.19]

2010-10-03 [168, 475765pt, 544508398(-7491602), 552/505(-47)/31, 7.19] – Unlocked I’m so Happy, the final unlockable song. Got EXCELLENT in Tentai Kanzoku BASIC, (literally) finishing all available patterns for that song. Also got SS rating in GIGA BREAK EXTREME (957k), so there are 9 patterns below SS rating now.

2010-09-30 [160, 446921pt, 543421017, 551/503/30, 7.67] – Unlocked Sweet Rain. First ever EXCELLENT in EXTREME: Tentai Kanzoku (also in ADVANCED).

2010-09-29 [146, 415357pt, 541179031, 549/497/25, 7.65] – FULL COMBOed remaining level 6 patterns.

2010-09-27 [137, 401837pt, 541026192, 549/485/25, 6.72] – Three more EXCELLENTs. Played every pattern (except three unlocked patterns) at least once and ensured that every pattern of level 5 or less is FULL COMBOed. (Level 6 will take much more time as there are dozen patterns that are not FULL COMBOed. Gah.)

2010-09-26 [130, 388016pt, 531036033, 539/471/22, 7.04] – Unlocked Green Green Dance, finishing the lime shirt (and paving the way to the rainbow shirt *sigh*). Added 11 more EXCELLENTs, effectively doubling the number of EXCELLENTs so far.

2010-09-25 [121, 361665pt, 512058761, 520/451/11, 7.90] – Unlocked Ready Go!!. Added two EXCELLENTs (again); FULL COMBOed Green Green Dance EXTREME (not unlocked yet) and coming true EXTREME (surprise!).

2010-09-23 [104, 330100pt, 496118038, 504/430/9, 7.53] – Unlocked KUNG-FU MAMA, leaving only the lime shirt not fully unlocked. Full of valuable plays – added two EXCELLENTs; got SS rating in AREA 51 EXTREME (959k) and TRUE LOVE (955k) for the first time; FULL COMBOed Kiss & Ride EXTREME; also improved Evans EXTREME (887k).

2010-09-17 [96, 305320pt, 487140128, 495/420/7, 7.69] – First FULL COMBO in Shine On Me and Far East Nightbird EXTERME; NO GRAY in LOVE & JOY EXTREME.

2010-09-15 [89, 291994pt, 481189474, 489/412/7, 7.72] – Unlocked Love ♡ km. First SSS rating (986k) in Sayonara Trip EXTREME.

2010-09-11 [79, 266999pt, 467243378, 475/400/7, 7.53]

2010-09-02 [78, 260599pt, 467243378, 475/400/7, 7.61] – 400th FULL COMBO. Completed every patterns of level 6 or greater.

2010-08-29 [71, 244760pt, 456304345, 464/392/7, 7.71] – Unlocked Shine On Me, finishing the crimson shirt. Got EXCELLENT in only my railgun BASIC and ALL COMBOed Swan Lake EXTREME.

2010-08-22 [55, 203310pt, 437535266, 445/377/6, 7.77] – Unlocked Far east nightbird and fellow. Improved AREA 51 EXTREME (945k) and Jyounetsu Tairiku EXTREME (949k); played Sweet Rain EXTREME (948k) and Green Green Dance EXTREME (978k?!!) for the first time.

2010-08-19 [44, 174323pt, 423746139, 431/366/6, 7.76] – Unlocked STREET DANCER. Improved ISH EXTERME (947k), Genki ni yatterunokai? EXTREME (946k) and Space Carnival EXTREME (978k); also played I’m so Happy! EXTREME for the first time (906k). (Note that this title also sometimes abbreviated to ISH but I chose not to.)

2010-08-17 [28, 130479pt, 398075269, 405/343/6, 7.55] – Unlocked Prophet Vibe. Improved Kick It Out EXTREME by 10k points or so (i.e. 961k).

2010-08-15 [20, 112209pt, 376424337, 383/330/6, 7.29] – Unlocked Sayonara Trip and ALL MY HEART -kono koini, watashi no subete wo kakeru-. Also played every EXTREME patterns of level 8.

2010-08-11 [9, 85263pt, 349303931, 355/326/6, 7.16] – Unlocked Shining Wizard (Lime shirts).

2010-08-10 [4, 72838pt, 336718019, 342/320/6, 6.61] – Played every available EXTREME patterns of 9 and 10 level (turned out that there are 12 such patterns). Due to the heavy crowd I cannot played songs throughly; I missed every single FULL COMBOs for those 12 songs. Heck. Much more research needed, indeed.

Ripples Log

2010-08-08 [514, 1074117pt, 325372436(-4627564), 320(-10)/6] – This is the last play in jubeat ripples (guaranteed). Four more FULL COMBO (and one more ALL YELLOW) which means every patterns below level 9 are now FULL COMBOed. Also improved the score of Evans EXTREME by few thousand points (i.e. 881k points).

2010-08-02 [508, 1064108pt, 325359931(-4640069), 316(-14)/6] – New FULL COMBO (316th) and ALL YELLOW (62nd) in AREA 51 ADVANCED.

2010-07-30 [506, 1058607pt, 325345116(-4654884), 315(-15)/6] – FULL COMBO in Sumidagawa Natsu Renka EXTREME. 61 ALL YELLOWs. The next play (early August 2010) will be likely the last play in jubeat ripples. (This prediction was proved wrong.)

2010-07-17 [494, 1042482pt, 325276970(-4723030), 314(-16)/6] – Four more FULL COMBOs: Polaris, Fugainaiya, My SunShine and Control EXTREME. Tried some EXCELLENT but no success.

2010-07-16 [474, 1016510pt, 325197426(-4802574), 310(-20)/6] – Three EXCELLENTs (finally!) in BASIC. Also got FULL COMBO in Kitei no Tsurugi EXTREME and upgraded ratings of SigSig (first ever 970k+ points in EXTERME), Jumping Boogie and Scatman (Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop) (first ever SSS rating). Note that the achievement point reached 1 million points and there are now 50 ALL YELLOW patterns… hah.

2010-07-09 [454, 985412pt, 325048703(-4951297), 309(-21)/3] – TBS reached 325 million points; also average points of BASIC patterns reached 990k points. First ever SS rating in Sumidagawa Natsu Renka (with unexpected 971k points!), leaving only eight patterns of A and S rating.

2010-07-04 [442, 966208pt, 324943332(-5056668), 309(-21)/3] – Eight new SSS ratings. Average score for BASIC patterns comes close to 990k. By the way my e-amusement card was finally broken (the machine didn’t accept the card at all) and I successfully transferred the data to new one.

2010-06-28 [434, 952495pt, 324801310(-5198690), 309(-21)/3]

2010-06-06 [431, 948089pt, 324790350(-5209650), 309(-21)/3] – Four new FULL COMBOs, six new SSS ratings.

2010-06-01 [420, 932457pt, 324686489(-5313511), 305(-25)/3] – Improved two EXTERME patterns which are known to be problematic due to the incoherent rhythm.

2010-05-29 [415, 923787pt, 324641233(-5358767), 305(-25)/3] – Two new SSSes.

2010-05-25 [408, 914672pt, 324582105(-5417895), 305(-25)/3] – Lots of improvements on EXTREME scores, including Macuilxochitl (+10k; now at 943k points), Evans (+11k; now at 872k points), Special One (+14k), A Perfect Sky (+17k), Roudou Calling (+18k) and FREE FREE (+19k).

2010-05-08 [398, 903044pt, 324439577(-5560423), 305(-25)/3] – The third EXCELLENT in Cutie Honey ADVANCED! Also note that SSS rating (982k) in Rintoshite Saku Hanano Gotoku EXTREME (also very close to FULL COMBO).

2010-04-23 [390, 890818pt, 324362058(-5637942), 304(-26)/2] – Three new FULL COMBOs.

2010-04-19 [383, 881040pt, 324335374(-5664626), 301(-29)/2] – 12 more SSSes, mostly in ADVANCED. Tried FULL COMBOs for several songs but not much success. I my me mine EXTREME is close to EXCELLENT (995k) but no FULL COMBO.

2010-04-10 [373, 867056pt, 324170917(-5829083), 299(-31)/2]

2010-04-09 [371, 864641pt, 324170917(-5829083), 299(-31)/2] – Snow Goose EXTREME FULL COMBOed.

2010-04-06 [367, 860330pt, 324157975(-5842025), 298(-32)/2] – Four more SSSes in BASIC, SigSig EXTREME 966k. At this pace it would be possible to reach 325 million points mark before jubeat knit is released, I think.

2010-03-24 [361, 849811pt, 324065400(-5934600), 297(-33)/2] – Evans EXTREME 860k, Kiss & Ride EXTREME 973k, Baka Survivor EXTREME SS. By the way jubeat ripples APPEND went live in Japan, but it is just a dream outside Japan. :(

2010-02-19 [356, 840900pt, 324039963(-5960037), 297(-33)/2]

2010-02-12 [354, 838759pt, 324028628(-5971372), 297(-33)/2] – Baka Survivor ADVANCED SSS.

2010-01-31 [350, 832259pt, 324017162(-5982838), 297(-33)/2] – 324 million TBS. Macuilxochitl ADVANCE FULL COMBOed, Slang EXTREME SSed (+19k points).

2010-01-13 [346, 825731pt, 323971844(-6028156), 296(-34)/2] – I took some interest in ADVANCE patterns, including Crosswind ADVANCED (+25k points, also FULL COMBOed). I’m also glad to see I have saved 100 persons so far.

2009-12-31 [337, 805267pt, 323860549(-6139451), 294(-36)/2] – 5 more FULL COMBOs. Hmm.

2009-12-30 [323, 786100pt, 323774418(-6225582), 289(-41)/2] – Macuilxochitl EXTREME 932k, TRUE LOVE EXTREME 947k. No, no more records.

2009-12-26 [319, 780484pt, 323760256(-6239744), 289(-41)/2] – These plays occurred during the 7-day-long trip, and didn’t expect many records; nevertheless I got several new records, including Slang EXTREME (to 937k), INVISIBLE WORLD EXTREME (to 952k) and AREA 51 EXTREME (to 936k).

2009-12-02 [308, 760293pt, 323632753(-6367247), 288(-42)/2] – Similar to 2009-11-26, but choose more EXTREME patterns. 18 SSS ratings added; upgraded Russian Snowy Dance EXTREME (981k), Happy Happy EXTREME (963k), Jumping Boogie EXTREME (963k) and so on.

2009-11-26 [287, 726435pt, 323099374(-6900626), 287(-43)/2] – Platinum. (I’m not interested in Stealth marker, btw) Intentionally picked up set of unique patterns and updated almost of them; in total, 59 patterns are updated, which explains sudden 0.86 million increase in TBS :) I’m particularly glad because of results from GIGA BREAK EXTREME (936k, also accidentally FULL COMBO’ed), TRUE LOVE EXTREME (945k) and Macuilxochitl EXTREME (921k).

2009-11-19 [265, 686842pt, 322234198(-7765802), 286(-44)/2] – FULL COMBO tour (from 273 to 286). Didn’t think of Platinum; that will come automatically.

2009-11-13 [252, 662033pt, 321880038(-8119962), 273(-57)/2] – Gold Lion (unlocking Macuilxochitl). This is the last song unlocked, thus marking milestone in 5 months. (Do you remember I haven’t unlocked GIGA BREAK in the original?) This also marks 320m TBS milestone (out of 330m, of course). Also got 10+ more FULL COMBOs and 914k points in Macuilxochitl EXTREME.

So, what do I do now then? I’m not sure, but 325m TBS and 300 FULL COMBOs may be certainly one of candidates. Five months were too long.

2009-11-06 [240, 639400pt, 319757358] – Not much things done, but finally got A rating in Evans EXTERME (853k points). This means there is no more patterns which rating is less than A.

2009-10-28 [231, 617539pt, 319685578] – Gold Tiger (unlocking Sumidagawa Karenka finally!). Sumidagawa EXTREME is found to be easier than originally expected: got 898k points for first try, and 948k points in only four tries. (Ironically, the first play was random matching just before grade-up. What the heck?) Evans is approaching to A rating (848k), and several S-to-SS and SS-to-SSS upgrades. (For example, coming true EXTREME 963k)

2009-10-22 [212, 582005pt, 316455830] – Gold Wolf (unlocking eyes). On the way of second trip for playing every song: got 995k points in Sakikake! Midnight EXTREME, 300+ SS ratings (out of 325 available), etc. I’m now looking forward to next unlockable song, Sumidagawa Karenka, the only song yet to be played.[^1]

[^1] Since this song is of level 8 and yet still as hard as level 10, it is considerably hard to play it with random matching as there are 68 patterns of level 7 & 8 (compare with 21 patterns of level 9 & 10).

2009-10-14 [186, 528350pt, 314789129] – Gold Deer (unlocking STARLIT DUST / For Still and Good-bye Chalon). Lifted several S ratings to SS. (Most of them are in original, e.g. Icicles, Ai no Uta etc.) Near-SS rating (949k) in coming true EXTREME, SS rating in Good-bye Chalon EXTREME, and perhaps most importantly, S rating in Macuilxochitl EXTREME. Gyaah.

2009-10-10 [164, 475065pt, 310071669] – SS on bass 2 bass EXTREME, etc. TBS over 310 million points for first time.

2009-10-04 [153, 453003pt, 309866986] – Gold Ocelot (unlocking coming true). 13 more FULL COMBOs, resulting from second trip for playing every song. Ah, and 986k points in Koi no Merry-go-round EXTREME.

2009-10-02 [136, 408597pt, 307647601] – Gold Rabbit (unlocking Shining Star). Upgraded several songs of rating S to SS or SSS, and got several FULL COMBOs including Koi no Merry-go-round EXTREME and Natsumatsuri EXTREME. Evans still sucks.

2009-09-26 [116, 368887pt, 304140829] – Gold Squirrel (unlocking INVISIBLE WORLD). Finally played every patterns available, making TBS over 300 million points. One more EXCELLENT in Warp BASIC.

2009-09-23 [103, 334739pt, 272539440] – Silver Lion (unlocking AREA 51). First ever EXCELLENT in Chippokena Yuuki BASIC. Several new SS ratings including William Tell Overture, Kiss & Ride etc. First play of coming true. Only 29 patterns left in BASIC.

2009-09-19 [80, 268222pt, 240956893] – Silver Deer (unlocking SWEET ANGEL). Most notable achievement includes getting 840k points in Evans EXTREME (previously 826k points), getting FULL COMBO in Good-bye Chalon EXTREME while the song is yet unlocked, etc.

2009-09-16 [62, 236748pt, 231934666] – Silver Fox (unlocking Koi no Merry-go-round). HUGE improvements on several hard songs, including SigSig(+4k, finally reaching SS), Kiss & Ride(+7k), Natsu Matsuri(+15k), William Tell Overture(+19k), TRUE LOVE(+24k) and Chotto Ii Tokoni Itai(+37k). Also got over 81k on Evans EXTREME continuously(!), and even tried several not-yet-unlocked songs like AREA 51 (and felt the extreme).

2009-09-13 [44, 188948pt, 201791850] – Silver Rabbit (unlocking ECO FIGHTER). Mistakenly encountered Macuilxochitl.

2009-09-11 [36, 167823pt, 195021518] – Silver Squirrel.

2009-09-04 [21, 137150pt, 176346359] – Returned to Jubeat after a month of inactivity. Plenty of new songs to play. Meh.

Original Log

2009-07-30 [213, 130940pt] – Acquired S4 class, with unlocking In the name of love. The new song is fun (but also exhaustive) to play, and I got only about 920k points in EXTREME. :p By the way I’m finally digging BASIC patterns, played 24 patterns and got 18 FULL COMBOs.

2009-07-27 [198, 119990pt] – (Finally!) 950.8k average points in EXTREME, 966k average points in ADVANCED. Ten more FULL COMBOs, including one reached 990k points first ever. Next class is close, and I tentatively decided to unlock In the name of love then.

2009-07-24 [185, 112010pt] – Still on the way of… [omitted] now 1.7k points left. 5 more FULL COMBOs, and first ever SS rating in level 10 patterns (Rintoshite Saku Hanano Gotoku, but no FULL COMBO yet). I’m also slowly improving average points of ADVANCED patterns.

2009-07-21 [176, 106130pt] – On the way of 950k average points in EXTREME, only over 2.2k points left. Also 7 more FULL COMBOs.

2009-07-12 [162, 97830pt] – Acquired A1 class; 960k+ average points in ADVANCED. Got S rating in ISH EXTREME, leaving only 3 (and two to-be-unlocked) EXTREME patterns to go. Added graph support to juviewer.

2009-07-09 [150, 90390pt] – First ever FULL COMBO in level 10 (SigSig)! Average points of EXTERME is now at 942k – note that 950k is required (with one EXCELLENT) for SS class. :p By the way, my younger brother borrowed my e-Amusement card and… he failed to clear Evans EXT. This, unfortunately, became the second FAILED of Evans EXT in my card.

2009-07-07 [137, 82730pt] – Acquired A2 class: average points of ADVANCED patterns exceeded 951k, points of EXTREME patterns exceeded 940k. Not so much, due to time constraint.

2009-07-01 [130, 78730pt] – A day devoted for ADVANCED patterns. Thus average points in ADVANCED and EXTREME now stands at 945k and 939k respectively. By the way, jubeat cabinets in near game center disappeared, and I had to go other game center which took 40 minutes to go.

2009-06-29 [117, 69550pt] – I released my own jubegraph alternative, juviewer in public for testing. Acquired A3 class (unlocking Chance and Dice); got S rating in TRUE LOVE EXTREME finally, and slightly improved Evans EXT (by 1.8k pts). Still experimenting with various songs and conditions.

2009-06-28 [109, 64410pt] – Average points in EXTREME is improved to 933k. Changed marker from shutter to flower, and got 790k+ in Evans EXTREME three times in a row. (Maybe shutter is good for slow and predictive one, and flower is for difficult and esoteric ones.) Work on jubegraph alternative is ongoing.

2009-06-26 [94, 56140pt] – Acquired A4 class (with unlocking bass 2 bass). Got S and SS ratings in every EXTREME patterns except for 6 hard patterns and improved ISH EXTREME by nearly 60k points; thus average points in EXTREME now stands at 925k.

2009-06-24 [83, 49860pt] – 6 SS ratings and 5 S ratings in EXTREME. Finally got S rating in SigSig EXT. :) Evans stays at 750-770k points, and even lower (-710k) when exhausted. Average points in EXTREME patterns are now at 904k.

2009-06-23 [73, 43830pt] – Acquired B1 class. Played Evans 10 times, and got 820k points one time (750k in average). My friend told me it is very surprising since most players in B classes cannot even clear it at all. (Though in fact 820k was sort of the luck, as I also managed to fail to clear Evans first time. :p) Also got 981k points in ISH ADVANCED.

2009-06-22 [59, 35770pt] – Acquired B2 class with lots of S ratings in ADVANCED. Got every virally unlockable songs (see notes). Evans was very hard, but anyway I survived the first play (with 750k points). I also experimented with various markers: shutter and flower.

2009-06-21 [52, ~30000pt] – Started to play on-line, and lost most times… :( Played a lot of ADVANCED songs to get more S ratings. Frustrated to jubegraph started to make my own alternative.

2009-06-18 [39, ~24000pt] – Acquired B3 class. Next class (B2) requires 30 or more S ratings, and I had only a dozen of them. Decided to play every EXTREME songs and many of ADVANCED songs to get them. Got first FULL COMBO.

2009-06-15 [27, 15630pt] – Registered to jubegraph. Acquired B4 class: it required 20 or more A ratings throughout every patterns (150 then), but it was only a matter of time. Started to play EXTREME songs extensively.

2009-06-13 [13, ~6000pt] – Purchased e-Amusement card (5,000 won, about 4 USD). The arcade in question has two jubeat machines connected to e-Amusement network, but its clear requirement is considerably high at 725k points (compared to 700k points in normal setting). Acquired C1 class quite easily.

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